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what is emtb mode
Pedal cheat!

eMTB Know-How: What is eMTB Mode?

What is Bosch's eMTB mode and what benefits does it offer?

So you’ve just bought a Bosch powered eMTB or you’re thinking of buying one, but what is eMTB mode all about and why is it worth having. We fill in all the blanks below.

If you’re a Shimano, Yamaha, Browse or another motor rider, then you won’t have had the chance to test out eMTB Mode, a feature that is available to all Bosch Performance Line and Bosch Performance Line CX motors, but if you had tested it there’s a good chance you wouldn’t want to go back.

What is eMTB mode on a Bosch powered bike?

what is emtb mode
Focus on the trail and not on the mode you’re in.

Originally, Bosch Performance Line and Performance Line CX drive systems came with a mode named ‘Sport’ but Bosch replaced it with the much better eMTB mode which can automatically switch from Tour levels of assist all the way to Turbo without the rider needing to manually switch modes.

If you have a newer Gen 4 Bosch Performance Line CX bike like the new Whyte E-150, Whyte E-180 or Cannondale Moterra then you will find the eMTB mode already installed and ready to use on your bike. If you have an older Bosch bike that hasn’t already received the Bosch eMTB mode retrofit update then it would be worth getting in touch with your local Bosch specialist and get it updated.

How to use eMTB mode?

Bosch motors have 4 levels of assistance. There’s Eco, Tour, eMTB and Turbo, all of which can be manually chosen by cycling through the options with the Bosch on bar motor control display. However, for off-road mountain biking the eMTB mode makes most sense in most situations.

While Eco, Tour and Boost all provide a surge of assistance, eMTB mode offers a more progressive power transfer based on the pressure placed on the pedal as you ride. So if you only place a small amount of force on your pedal while riding the Bosch system will use Tour levels of assist, but as you pedal harder and increase your pressure and power, the motor will gear up to Turbo. Basically the harder you work the more power you get.

What are the benefits of eMTB mode?

what is emtb mode
The benefit of Tour and Turbo with progressive assistance.

One of the major benefits is something that Bosch calls “Up Hill Flow”. What this means is that the pressure and effort you place on the pedals affects the power added by the motor. This is important on steep, or loose conditions as it can be easy to put down too much power, loose grip and efficiency if riding in Turbo.

Another advantage is if you manage to stall on a climb, perhaps you make a mistake or you are held up by your riding buddies. In eMTB mode staring on s steep trail won’t mean your wheel will be spinning and fighting for traction but will gradually increase in assistance as you get moving and add your own muscle power.

Riding in this mode also lets the rider concentrate on the ride rather than what mode they need to be in. Hit a sudden climb and the system will automatically hit turbo for you as you work harder to climb. Back off the power and you’ll drop down to Tour. This is all done automatically and means the motor adapts to your riding style and trail conditions automatically.

This more natural feeling offered by eMTB mode can also help to improve your pedaling technique and in certain situations may even improve your range and battery life.

What does Bosch say about eMTB mode?

For the ultimate Uphill Flow
Starting off in a new dimension

For a powerful start uphill and on rough terrain. Improved start-up behaviour guarantees optimal support in all terrains and on any trail. Starting on steep slopes and off-road riding are made significantly easier, as traction is significantly improved. This provides for a natural riding sensation and maximum performance on the trail.

A mode for eMountain bikers
The new eMTB mode for the Performance Line and Performance Line CX

The eMTB mode can switch between Tour and Turbo riding modes. Depending on the pedal pressure and with a maximum torque of up to 75 Nm, the progressive motor support automatically adapts to your individual riding style. Without changing riding mode, the motor always provides support at the ideal power level, even at low cadences. eMTB mode will always give you the power you need at precisely the right moment.

SOURCE | Bosch

We hope that answers your questions about what is eMTB mode, but if you do have any questions please feel free to ask them in the comments section below. Also remember to keep posted for more eMTB information, facts, know-how, and wiki.