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10 Mountain Bike Legends Not Afraid To Ride an e-MTB

Ignore the haters, here are 10 mountain bike legends that aren’t afraid to ride an e-MTB and will easily outride any of us on any day of the week.

Are you fed up with people telling you that e-MTB’s are for lazy people or riders with injuries? Well, the next time someone shouts “cheat” at you on the trail, then reel off this list of mountain bike legends who aren’t afraid to embrace e-Power.

Sam Pilgrim

Sam Pilgrim was one of the first high-profile riders to make the move from mechanical bikes to Electric Mountain Bikes. Sam rides for Haibike on both eMTB’s and traditional mountain bikes and is constantly churning out top quality e-MTB content on his YouTube channel.

Fabien Barel

Fabien Barel was a World Champ downhill mountain biker back in the day and is now team manager for the successful Canyon downhill and enduro teams, he’s also a keep electric mountain biker.

Cedric Gracia

Cedric Gracia didn’t just leave mechanical mountain biking behind, he actually left Santa Cruz to team up with upstart e-Bike brand Forestal. We still don’t know a whole lot about the Forestal e-MTB, but there have been plenty of spy photos of the unique looking bike and we hope to learn more about it in the near future.

Josh “Ratboy” Bryceland

Ratboy is another rider to leave Santa Cruz to jump onboard an e-MTB. The Rat has actually just starred in a video for the new Cannondale Habit Neo and Moterra bikes and is happy to jib those Bosch CX powered bikes around all day long.

Tom Cardy

Tom Cardy is the teammate of Sam Pilgrim and although this capable rider has been off the bike for a while due to injury he is now back up and about again.

Richie Schley

Richie Schley is one of the original freeride legends and while he still rides downhill and freeride bikes, he can also be spotted on his carbon YT Decoy from time to time too.

Aaron Gwin

World Cup Downhill winner Aaron Gwin is one of the fastest and fittest riders on a bike today, we don’t expect anyone calls him lazy when he rides past them on his Shimano powered Intense Tazer e-MTB.

Amaury Pierron

Amaury Pierron is the current UCI Downhill World Cup champion, but head to any World Cup round and you’ll likely see him pottering about on his Commencal Meta Power before racing.

Adam Brayton

Adam Brayton is another downhill racer who will happily swap gravity for e-Power and even has his own custom-built Vitus e-MTB built with high-end parts from Hope Technology.

Olly Wilkins

When Olly isn’t in the woods smashing turns with Brendon Fairclough, you can be sure that he’ll be ripping up the loam somewhere on his Focus eMTB.

So the next time someone tells you that e-Bikes are for lazy people or that you’re cheating for enjoying e-Power, then just remember that you and 10 of the greatest mountain bike riders of all time are having electric powered fun 24/7.